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Although seemingly cute and cuddly, these rodents can quickly make your home their own, potentially causing thousands of dollars in damages and putting your home and family in harms way. Grey Squirrels and Flying Squirrels are the most common animals we deal with entering the attics of homes all over Florida and Georgia. Squirrels are closely related to rats and share many similar attributes. 

Squirrels are vicious chewers and can cause serious damage to a home. Thousands of house fires are caused every year by squirrels gnawing on electrical wires. Squirrels also contaminate the insulation of many houses with their droppings, urine, fur, and parasites. Depending on the damage, sometimes it is necessary to apply disinfectants and treat for parasites after squirrel removal.   Our People can stay busy all year with squirrel removal and control; squirrel exclusion and proofing; and squirrel damage repair. These nuisance rodents invade modern homes, historical homes, schools, churches, and commercial office buildings.

Determining if you have a problem with Squirrels:

The majority of homeowners call for help because they hear an animal making scratching noises in the attic or wall voids. Grey squirrels or flying squirrels could be the critters you are hearing scuffling through your home. There are also many other nuisance wildlife animals and rodents that enter the attics of homes and businesses such as rats, bats, raccoons, mice, and birds. Property owners will need to have a thorough inspection of their attic and exterior of your home to determine exactly what is causing the problem and what needs to be done to solve the issue.

Squirrel Removal and Exclusion:

Squirrel trapping and relocating is only the beginning of the work needed to solving a problem with those nuisance rodents in your attic. Performing a squirrel exclusion or “squirrel proofing” your home is the only permanent solution to keeping squirrels out of your house and attic. A home that had squirrels removed without an exclusion runs the risk of new squirrels and possibly other rodents such as rats and mice entering and causing problems in the future. A handyman, Common pest control companies, and “squirrel exterminators” do not require the expert knowledge or proper equipment to complete the job right. Squirrels are nuisance wildlife, not pests, and legally require non-toxic removal methods such as exclusion and trapping.

Squirrel exclusion is a job that should only be handled by professionals. Xceptional Wildlife holds all the necessary trapping licenses and permits to make sure that the job is done in full compliance with all state and federal laws. Although simple in nature, squirrel removal and control can be very difficult and sometimes hazardous work with extremely tall ladders. It requires extensive training, specialized equipment, and strict observance of safety and health precautions. Homeowners need a company that has all the specialized equipment, knowledge, and technology to handle ANY type of squirrel problem, no matter the size of the building or difficulty. 

Squirrel Biology:

The Grey Squirrel, Sciurus carolinensis. is the most seen wild mammal in an urban setting as they are able to take advantage of any available environment including parks, gardens, woodlands, and homes. Grey squirrels commonly seek out shelter and the viable breeding security of household attics and wall voids. Grey squirrels are one of the most common animals that home owners encounter. 

The Southern Flying Squirrel, Glaucomys volans, is a nocturnal species of squirrel commonly found in the southeast. The flying squirrel is not capable of powered flight like birds or bats; instead, they glide between trees. They are capable of obtaining lift within the course of these flights. The direction and speed of the animal in midair is varied by changing the positions of its two arms and legs, largely controlled by small cartilaginous wrist bones. Like the common grey squirrel, flying squirrels also seek out attics and wall voids for shelter and the viable breeding security.

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